Tax and business consulting.  That’s what we do.

Interested in tax and business consulting? If so, at Alvarado Tax & Business Advisors you will develop a career of many possibilities. Our employees combined individual ambitions, talents, and perspectives to create the first and leading truly multidisciplinary tax and business advisory professional services firm in Puerto Rico. We each bring to Alvarado Tax & Business Advisors unique backgrounds and knowledge, sharing a common mission: setting new industry standards and raising the bar of personalized service quality, taking our business  and our clients to the highest level.  We are also committed to provide comprehensive learning opportunities to up and coming talents.  To that end we have established an Internship Program where Senior Students majoring in Taxes and/or Accounting are directly exposed to a tax and business consulting firm professional environment in a hands on manner.

Since our foundation in 2002, we have made sure that our work environment is one where knowledge is cultivated, ideas generation is encouraged and motivation is rewarded. Not bad, not bad at all.

So, if you want to start a career in taxes and business consulting, send your resume to

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