Alvarado Tax Advisory Services is redefining the market for providing professional tax and business advisory services through its top-heavy structure, designed specifically to provide high level tax consulting to its clients on a more personalized basis.  Our Members offer an unparalleled level of public accounting, law, private industry, and Puerto Rico Treasury Department experience as follows:


  • Juan A. Alvarado Zayas, CPA, MBA, Esq. –  Over 20 years experience, including four years as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Administrative Appeals and more than one year as Deputy Secretary and Acting Secretary of the Treasury. Also, served as tax partner for more than two years in an international public accounting firm.
  • Felipe Mariani Franco, CPA, MPA – Over 15 years experience in public accounting and tax and business advisory service practice.
  • Edgardo Sanabria Valentín, CPA – Over 30 years experience, including four years as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Internal Revenue and several years as Head of Tax Department in two international public accounting firms.
  • Sandra M. Torres Martínez, CPA – Over 15 years experience in public accounting and tax and business advisory service practice.
  • Carlos R. González Martínez, CPA – Over 20 years experience, including three years as Tax Manager of Caribe General Electric operations inPuerto Rico and seven years as Executive Tax Advisor at the Puerto Rico Telephone Company.
  • César De Jesús Umpierre, CPA –  Over 15 years experience including positions as Tax Manager at WalMart Puerto Rico Inc., and Assistant Vice President at Interstate General Properties, L.P., S.E., where he was responsible for all business tax consulting and tax compliance work for over 30 entities in P.R. and U.S.

Furthermore, Alvarado Tax & Business Advisors managers’ group, composed of five managers, provides to our clients a combined experience of over 50 years, thus assuring that clients’ needs are handled by the unique and vast experience this firm has to offer.

We specializes in tax and business advisory services, including the following:

  • Assistance with the request for tax credits under tax incentives acts
  • Negotiation, preparation and filing of tax exemption applications and supporting documents at both State and Municipal levels
  • Assistance with the negotiation of contracts for special infrastructure incentives at the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company
  • Assistance with the negotiation, preparation and filing of application for tax credits under several tax exemption laws
  • Handling of tax audits at the Puerto Rico Treasury Department, Municipal Revenue Collection Center and the P.R. municipalities, including handling cases at the Appeals Office level
  • Assistance with the determination of the most efficient tax structure to operate inPuerto Rico
  • Preparation of tax accrual reviews and deferred tax analysis
  • Research of income, property, excise and municipal license tax issues such as reorganizations, dividend distributions, determination of taxable and exempt status of articles for excise tax purposes, etc.
  • Review or preparation of corporate and individual P.R. and U.S. tax returns, including income, property, excise, sales and use tax, municipal license and estate and trusts
  • Negotiation, preparation and filing of ruling requests and closing agreements at the Puerto Rico Treasury Department
  • Assistance with resolution of tax issues as part of an Arbitration Process or Court Proceedings
  • Outsourcing of the preparation of monthly excise tax and payroll tax returns
  • Assistance in the preparation and filing of initial filing requirements for new businesses with the P.R. Treasury Department, P.R. Department of State, Municipalities, P.R. Labor and Human Resources Department, State Insurance Fund and U.S. Internal Revenue Service
  • Estate tax planning for wealthy individuals
  • Qualification of pension plans with the Puerto Rico Treasury Department
  • Filing and obtaining sanitary licenses.
  • Filing and obtaining Fire Department’s licenses
  • Filing and obtaining Bidder’s Registry numbers and update of eligibility certificates.
  • Filing and obtaining bonded imported numbers and manufacturer’s excise tax numbers.
  • Filing and obtaining employer’s identification numbers.
  • Modification, registration and cancellation of locations for Sales and Use Tax purposes.
  • Filing and obtaining Dissolution and Withdrawal Certificates.

Our group is well familiarized with the internal procedures of the following government agencies:

  • Puerto Rico Treasury Department
  • Municipal Revenue Collection Center
  • Puerto Rico Department of State
  • Office of Industrial tax Exemption
  • Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company
  • Puerto Rico Department of Labor and Human Resources
  • Puerto Rico’s Municipalities
  • State Insurance Fund Corporation
  • Puerto Rico Tourism Company
  • Puerto Rico Department of Agriculture
  • Puerto Rico General Services Administration
  • Puerto Rico Department of Health
  • Puerto Rico Fire Department
  • Puerto Rico Regulations and Permits Administration
  • United States Internal Revenue Service
  • Department of Transportation and Public Works