Business Consulting Services provides our customers a sophisticated high-end operations, management and financial consulting services, that provide them continuous access to relevant and efficient information needed for decision-making and to deal with changes in our legal and economic framework, while maintaining sustained financial results according to their goals.

Our management and operations consulting team will help your organization to solve issues, create value, maximize growth and improve the business performance. We focus on strategy, structure, management   and operations providing sound recommendations all along your decision making process, assisting with:

  • Evaluation of operations and preparation of management and financial reports for public and private credit institutions, to prevent or correct risk situations.
  • Preparation of systems and tools for assessing municipalities credit risks.
  • Financial analysis for businesses.
  • Assistance to audit committees of public and private institutions, to manage information and prepare the audit corrective action plans.
  • Assessments and financial and accounting reporting on processes related to private financial reorganization under the bankruptcy law.
  • Operational evaluation of businesses.
  • Training of management personnel in the preparation of operational and financial reports to the board of directors.
  • Financial management and accounting services to local and foreign firms, during regular operations or during the process of starting or closing the business.
  • Assistance in the process of evaluation of financial irregularities.
  • Consulting in the areas of risk management, evaluation and insurance contracts and bonds compliance.
  • Managerial planning, preparation of continued financial reports system from management to the board of directors.
  • Management and financial advisory services to boards of directors.